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Famous for it's many uses

Famous for it's many uses

Published In: Many Uses

For more than a century MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER® has been famous throughout the world - not for one purpose alone, but for a score of everyday needs. Moderately priced itself, MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER® saves you the cost of many more expensive preparations. Read the suggestions below...and note how useful and economical MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER® can be.

Added to the Bath or wash-basin, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water® is delightfully refreshing and leaves the skin delicately fragrant.

After the Sower it provides an exhilarating rubdown, giving a delightful glow to the skin, toning muscles and nerves.

Before Shaving, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water® softens the toughest beard and prepares the skin for a smooth, luxurious shave.

After Shaving, it contracts the pores, Its mildly astringent action soothes and heals skin abrasions caused by shaving.

In Hot Weather, a feeling of agreeable coolness is quickly induced by applying Murray & Lanman's Florida Water® to the brow. Use as directed in bath and after shave.

As a Perfume, there is no more delightful scent than Murray & Lanman's Florida Water®. Unobtrusive and remindful of a flower-garden, it can be used in an atomizer, on the handkerchief, or on the person.

After Exercise, a rubdown with Murray & Lanman's Florida Water® produces a warm tingling glow - delightful and invigorating - zestful to the muscles, restful to the nerves.

To the Hair a sprinkling of Murray & Lanman's Florida Water® gives an enchanting fragrance appropriate to the party or dance. It soothes itching scalp.