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Many Uses

Florida Water® (4)

Florida Water®

Florida Water® was regarded a unisex cologne, suitable for men and women alike. Victorian etiquette manuals warned young ladies against the "offensive" impression made by a strong perfume, but Florida Water® and Eau de Cologne were recommended as appropriate for all, along with sachets for scenting the linen and fresh flowers in the corsage. Large quantities were also used by barbershops as cologne and aftershave. In the 1880s and 1890s Murray & Lanman Florida Water® was advertised as "The Richest of all Perfumes" and "The most Popular Perfume in the World".[

Famous for it's many uses
26 Jan / 2017

Famous for it's many uses

Published In: Many Uses Hits: 1932

For more than a century MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER® has been famous throughout the world - not for one purpose alone, but for a score of everyday needs. Moderately priced itself, MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER® saves you the cost of many more expensive preparations. Read the suggestions below...and note how useful and economical MURRAY & LANMAN'S FLORIDA WATER® can be.